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November -Trip to Sipe Sipe

This is a beautiful blooming tree outside the door  of our apartments here on the Temple grounds.  Is this really December?

This is a home across the street from the chapel in Bella Vista. Everyone has the same kind of clothes dryer here.

This couple are planting corn in Bella Vista. This is the same way they did it 42 years ago when Lloyd was here.

The children here melt your heart.  I took this from the car.  She is standing near the plaza in Quillacollo. The white van is called a Trufi.  They hold about 12 to 14 people.  They are usually crowded and very uncomfortable to ride in.  We ride in one on Sundays when we go to church in Bella Vista.

This in Nardee.  We went to visit her family in Sipe Sipe.  Her father is the Branch President there. They own a garage. She was not shy and we loved talking with her.

This is Sister Alicia Zuvieta (Nardee's Mother) We thought were stopping for a quick visit, but she fixed us a very nice meal. That is the way the people are here in Bolivia.  We had coca-cola, rice, fried chicken, and potato salad.

She made some very tasty salsa on this stone rock.  Notice the items around where we sat for lunch.  Her husband owns a garage.

Sister Zuvieta's kitchen.  It had a bumpy dirt floor, small stove and this area for preparing the food.  Notice the wall decor.

Another picture of her kitchen.  The pot on the chair is where she made the very tasty warm potato salad.  We ate what she made.   I don't think any of us were ill the next day.  We appreciated her hospitality.

We also visited Sister Antesana (Alicia Zuvieta's neighbor) and the Relief Society President in their branch.  She showed up how these women make yarn from sheep's wool.  She is spinning it into yarn on a wooden spindle.  They when color it and weave beautiful heavy blankets and ponchos.

Borther Antesana showed us his clay oven where they bake bread.  They invited us to come back on one day when they will be baking.

These 3 little girls lived down the hill from the Antesana's.  They are playing with blonde haired Barbie dolls in their front yard. I'm not sure they were all happy about this strange light haried grandma taking their picture.

This is where we had New Year's Eve dinner.  We ate chinese food, danced a few dances to good ole American music from the 60's and 70's.  We then went back to our apartments and played some games.  We are on a mission right?

This is a gladiola field just down from the church in Bella Vista.  It is beautiful.  The mountains are turning green from all the rain. 

The road to the Chapel in Bella Vista.  The church is on the right.

Two little boys we saw after church in Bella Vista.  Lloyd always carrys a pocketful of small wrapped candy for the children we meet.  He gives them a piece, then I ask if I can take their picture.  If their Moms are not around I can usually get one.

We see quite a few old pickups here in Cochabamba that are fixed up nice.  Just thought Jake would like to see this one.

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