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Tupiza Trip Jan. 2012 #1

A Catholic church in Tarija

Everywhere in Bolivia women have tiendas or stores to sell food and clothing.  These two women are in front of the Catholic Church in Tarija

This is on the Road to Repentance.  Which people use to get from Tarija to Tupiza.  The name is right.  It was one of the scariest roads Lloyd and I have ever been on.  We traveled in the mission car with Pres. & Sister Dyer.  It was narrow and graveled and went up over the Andes Mountains at about 12,000 foot elevation. They use this road a lot.  We passed large trucks and many two story  buses.  We never had to back  up  to pass when we met one and we did not have a flat tire on the way.  We traveled back 3 days later on this same road.  My wish is to never travel it again.

We are coming to the alte plano or high plain. It was cold up here.  When we stepped out of the car the air felt like Idaho.

We saw burros on the Road to Repentance.

This photos shows and old church and they build fences out of rocks. The crops were just starting to crow.  This was corn planted here.

On the high plane we saw llama, sheep and goat herds.  It was rainy and low clouds that day.

A young women herding some llama.

They must be able to find some grass.  It was rocky ground and small brush and grass. A raindrop was on the lense of my camera.

We made it safely to Tupiza.  We saw this is a women in native dress walking along the main road the next morning.

This area is called a  quebrata  ( wash between the mountins where water runs when it rains.) This is the way Lloyd rode his horse into Tupiza from Chifloca each month for supplies while on his first mission here,

We saw this beautiful cactus in bloom and walked up the hill a short ways to take a picture. It was huge.  Sister Dyer and myself.

Another picture of the cactus.  The mountains around Tupiza arerugged and red.

One of the LDS chapels in Tupiza.  There are two chapels. Here again women selling some vegetables.

This a normal sight in Bolivia.  Women carry everything on their backs.  Babies, toddlers, food etc.  They ususually have it wrapped in a bright colored cloth called an aguella.

Look closesly to see the narrow opening in the mountain.  Lloyd rode his horse through this place to get from Tupiza to Quirisa. Just enough room to ride a horse.

On the road to Chifloca we saw two horses grazing in the high grass.

The road to Chifloca and Quirsa

President Dyer and Lloyd on the road to Chifloca.  The river San Juan de Oro is down below.  As young missionaries they crossed this rive on horseback.  They have some good stories about their experiences doing this.
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