jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

#46 Diogene, Isabel Martinez & Luisa Flores & Maria Guadlupe

The third week of January we traveled with 12 members of the
Quiriza Branch to the Temple in Cochabamba.  This is Isabel and Diogenes

Martinez.  Their daughter Liliana and grandson Roly received 
their endowments and had their families sealed.  

Maria Guadlupe came with us to the temple.  She received her
endowment July 2012 and had her husband sealed to her then.
She was excited to visit the temple again.  
Sister Christy Dyer with Luisa Flores, Isabel Martinez and Maria Guadlupe.
Lloyd, Ken Winkfield, Diogenes Martinez and President Dan Dyer.
Lloyd, Ken and Dan were three of the first missionaries to serve
missions in southern Bolivia.  Diogenes was the Branch President in Quiriza 

at that time..That was about 45 years ago.  Ken and his wife Eve are serving as
 Temple Missionaries in Cochabamba and Dan and his wife Christy are the
Mission President of the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission.  
What a special time we all had.  Great memories and old friendships renewed.
Maria, Luisa, Isabel, Lilian, Mabel and Milena.  A special group
of women from Quiriza.  
Maria Guadlupe and Luisa Flores enjoying the beautiful grounds
at the temple. 
Isabel Martinez
mother to Liliana Catacata and grandmother to Roly Flores.  
Maria and Luisa love to have their picture taken.  
Our whole group from Quiriza including President and Sister Dyer. 

After a good week at the Temple we are waiting at the gate of
temple for a taxi.  Diogenes was able to get a hearing aid while
in Cochabamba.  He had a big smile on his face after he put in
on.  It was about a 14 hour bus ride back to Tupiza.
Milena had a fun ride at the bus terminal while waiting to get
on the bus back home to Tupiza. 
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miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

#45 Flores Family at Temple in Cochabamba

Roly, Mabel and Lionel Flores have just arrived at the Temple
in Cochabamba.  Mabel's nephew Cristian also came with them.
They are going to be sealed and become an eternal family.  
We don't look too bad for having rode a double decked bus
for 15 and half hours from Tupiza.  
The Catacata and Flores families  at the
door of temple.  
President Crayk did a wonderful job officiating at the Sealings
of  these two families.  He is standing by Lloyd.  He is
President of the Cochabamba Temple.  
Roly, Mabel and Lionel Flores.  Roly is the Branch
President at Quiriza.  
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#44 Catacata Family in Cochabamba

The third week of January we traveled with 12 members
of the Quiriza Branch to the Temple in Cochabamba.
This is the Catacata Family.  Ernesto and Lilian (Dad & Mom)
received their endowments on Tuesday and had their
children sealed on Wednesday.  They have just arrived at
the Temple after a 15 and half hour bus ride from Tupiza.
Lesly, Helen and Milena Catacata waiting to go inside the Temple.
Ernesto, Melvin, Liliana, Helen, Lesley and Milena Catacata.
They are a wonderful, eternal family.  
Lilian and Ernesto Catacata January 16, 2013.  
Ernesto, Liliana Catacata and Mabel and Roly Flores. 
The Catacata girls. 
President and Sister Dyer with the whole group
that traveled from Quiriza to attend the Temple.  
Milena was too tired and not real happy about
all this picture taking.  
We finally have a picture with all the temple in it. . 
President Crayk officiated in the sealing of the two families.  He
is standing by LLoyd. 
Melvin the oldest child in the Catacata family turned 12 in December
and was also able to go and do baptisms for the dead.  He is holding
his little sister on his shoulders. 
Lesly and Helen Catacata at the Cochabamba Temple grounds. 
After a wonderful week at the Temple.  The families had about
a 14 hour bus ride back to Tupiza.  Milena is driving a fun car
at the bus terminal in Cochabamba.  
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#42 Santa Claus Visits Quiriza

Santa Claus came to Quiriza Christmas Eve.
Branch President Roly Flores added a
little padding and he looked great in his
new santa suit. 
We got Santa in back of the pickup with his two elves,
Elder Avila and Elder Mitchell. We drove up and down the main
 street of Quiriza. They had some small bags
of candy, peanuts and an orange  for the children.  
Santa and his pack.  
Santa Claus visited every house he could in Quiriza. 
Santa and his parents Adolfo and Marlena Flores.  
A  lot of people wanted to give Santa a hug and a thank you.
He knew where all the good girls and boys live in Quiriza. 
Santa's elves were worried that he was going to
run out of treat bags before he visited everyone.  
More hugs for Santa Claus.  
Where did all these children come from???

The Christmas lights at the Chapel.  Everyone in Quriza enjoyed seeing them. 
Could this be Mrs. Claus with Santa??
Cristian, Thomas and Lionel all wanted to hug Santa. 
Carmen and Lionel wanted their picture taken with Santa.
We all had a fun Christmas Eve in Quiriza .