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Cochabamba & Bella Vista March/April 2012

The summer home of Simon Patino.  He was a very wealthy man in Bolivia in the early 1900's.  He made is fortune  in tin mining.
John and Chris Norman getting on the bus the Temple Missionaries rode to visit Pairumani and Simon Patino's summer home and farm. We were lucky to get to be included with all these good people.

Some of the beautiful landscape at the Patino's summer home.

All  the temple missionaries.  Inside the on the plaza of Simon Patino's summer home. All the rooms surround this area.

This is the road leading to his large farm by his summer home.
All the temple missionaries went to Pairumani on a hike around the mountain to a waterfall.  Here is Lloyd and Glen Kennedy on the trail .Pairumami is a camping, picnic area west of Cochabamba. 

This is the trail we hiked on.  Look at the tunnel in the mountain. 

This is the group that made it to the waterfall.  Ken and Eve Winkfield, Glenn Kennedy, Lloyd, Krisite and President Dyer.  Helen Kennedy took our picture.

A view of Bella Vista on our walk to the Church.  A plowed field ready for planting  and a beautiful mountain.

A group of little girls playing on the lawn at the church in Bella Vista.
Lloyd and Hermano Flores visiting at Bella Vista. He is a strong member of Bella Vista Branch.  
Elder Bradshaw with a sweet little girl from Bella Vista.  Lloyd always had a pocketful of candy for the kids.
The Flores Family from Bella Vista.  This family had 2 daughters and a son.  They raise flowers  to help support their family.  
This is something we see often in Cochabamba.  Several people riding a motorcycle. Can you believe four??   It is the fastest and cheapest way to get around this big city. (most dangerous??)
Two blind people entertaining us at the saturday market in Cochabamba
Bishop Davila and his wife Anita.  He helps all the missionaries with their immigration paper work. He has a busy job plus he teaches early morning seminary and is Bishop of Quillacolla Ward. 
 When the missionaries have a change in the office.  They are training the new office missionaries for several days.  It is a big responsibility to be a secretary in the mission office.
.Elders Mier, Avila, AhSue, Dargie, Colebeck, Rosendo and Pachas.

This is the Rivero Family in front of the temple doors on the day they were sealed as an eternal family.
Carla, Nelson and sons Samuel and Isaiah. Look closely at Samuel's hair.  He is the older one.  I think he decided to cut his own hair. He had a big wack right out of the front. Kids are the same all over the world.
They are from the Bella Vista Branch. They were in our Temple Preparation Class. Wondefrul family.

A group picture of their family and friends.
Another building project.  They are mixing cement.  Then they have a small winch and pull it up to the second floor. They work hard at building down here.
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