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Tupiza / Quiriza / Chifloca June 2012

A young boy riding his burro on the road to Quiriza

They still haul the corn from the fields on the burros
What a load!!

Some horses going down the river in Tupiza

Lloyd and spent a day in Quiriza helping in the corn harvest
We stacked the corn up so it could dry
We helped Ernesto and Lilliana Catacata
They have a tractor and wagon
We washed up at the house for lunch
The statue of Christ on the hill in Tupiza
Lloyd and Kristie  with Guadalupe Torres of Quiriza Branch
She is preparing to go to the Temple in Cochabamba for her
own endowment in June

Memembers of the Quiriza Branch on Mother's Day
We wash our pickup in the river on P-day
It is usually a pretty busy place
We drove to Chifloca one day  This is the house Lloyd lived in as a
young missionary.  

The school in Chifloca
The children came up the hill from the school yard , when they found out Elder Bradshaw had candy
We walked up the valley to look at the ditch  the missionaries helped the people
of Chifloca build to get irrigation water to their crops when Lloyd was there on
his first mission.  This is the ditch they needed dynamite to build.  So the missionaries wrote to the Mission
President and asked for money to buy dynamite and he sent it to them.  The ditch
is all cemented today and the people are still using it.

We visited with Louisa Avan.  She was baptized by  Elder Bradshaw on his first mission to Bolivia.
She is 82 years old.  We think she remembered Elder Bradshaw.

Another load of corn on a burro 
The view out our front door.  The sun is coming up and the moon still shining.
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