lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

#20 Tupiza Horses and Leather

We have met some people who train jumping horses.  This is one of their horses and the house they are building. Lloyd is teaching two of the trainers about the gospel.

These horses are tall.  This is Jorge one of the workers at the horse ranch.
This horse sold for $10,000 at a horse show in Cochabamba in August. 
They feed the horses dry corn, hay and grain.

  They go to Argentina to buy them and bring them to Bolivia to  train.
They seem to be able to make a good profit selling them.
Lloyd is helping Jorge make a pair of shoeing chaps.
Jorge had a  few pieces of leather and they had an old sewing machine just about  like
the one Lloyd has in his saddle shop.  They got it out dusted it off, put some oil
in it and it worked really good.  Jorge did a good job on the chaps.  
This is the sewing machine they used.  Lloyd was able to get them a few leather
tools from the United States to help them make more leather items.
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