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#16 River Baptism 7-21-2012

On July 21, 2012 we had a special baptism  

Mayra & Elvis Condori

 were baptized in the River San Juan de Oro

The  members of the Quiriza Branch and the Condori Family

All came to the river  in the back of this truck.

We are all walking to the part of the river where the baptism would be 
There are great red cliffs
where the river runs 

There was a nice group to support  Elvis and Myra
Elder Bertola gave a good talk at the baptism 
Elder Rengifo baptized Mayra
The water was cool, but we were blessed
with a warm sunny afternoon in July
which is winter time here
Elvis was quite nervous about the water
He is holding on tight
Elder Bertola said there was a pretty good current
which made standing a little hard
These are two great missionaries
Elder Bertola is from Alpine, Utah and this would be
his last baptism before going home
Elder Rengifo is from Ecuador
He is our Zone Leader here in Tupiza
After the Baptism the family washed the baptismal clothes in the River
Rosaria Condori is the mother and They have a younger sister, Nelva
who is three.  They also have 3 older brothers who have been baptised.
The Quiriza Branch bought a beautiful cake for the refreshments.
Nelva was as happy about the cake as Elvis and Mayra

We all sat around and enjoyed the cake and punch

Sunday Lloyd confirmed Mayra and Elvis
We are standing in front of the Quiriza Chapel 

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