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Trip to Tuiza Jan 2012 #3

This is the home where the missionaries lived in Chifloca.  Many of the missionaire stayed there while helping to  building the chapel.  President and Sister Kimball slept there when they visited Bolivia.  He was the apostle over South America at that time.  That was before the chapel was built.

Driving outside  of Qurisa we found a 100 year old cactus.  They only bloom like this every hundred years.  The main plant is at the bottom and it grows this tall tree  w/ blooms.  The sky was really that blue the day we were there. 

This is a home in Quirisa.

This a field of corn in Qurisa.  A young couple were bringing in some fresh alfalfa from the field.  Their main cash crop is garlic

We found a few horses in the corral.  They make fences from the thorn bushes.

Just another look at the horses.

These two little girls are the Martinez's grandchildren.  I would guess they are about 5 and 18 months.

This is Sister Flores.  She is in her 80's.  She lives by herself and was bringing in food for her animals.  Lloyd and Elder Cardon baptized her. She still attends church.

We saw this lady along the road as we were leaving Quirisa.  We stopped and asked if she wanted a cookie.   She said she did, but didn't have any money.  She was happy to take one when we told her she didn't have to pay.  She is carrying some small branches for fire wood.

This is for Jack Ballard Bowman our grandson.  We ate at this small cafe in Tupiza.  Just had to take a picture of the sign for him.

This special little girl was at the fireside we had in Tupiza.  She was just learning to walk.  I've never seen so much hair on a child her age.
Lloyd got to ring the bell for church on Sunday at Quirisa.   Maybe the only LDS chapel that has a bell.

A wonderful family that came to church at Quirisa.  The Catcat Family.

This is the group that attended church Sunday in Quirisa.  Lloyd got to speak at Sacrament in that special chapel.  It was a very special experience.  President Dyer and the District President Urache set apart a new Branch President for the Quirsa branch, Rolly Flores.  He is the grandson of Sister Flores and the Martinez, 

As we all drove away on Sunday, there was the new branch president. Rolly Flores standing at the gate with the keys in his hands.  He wasn't smiling too much.

This is the hotel we stayed in at Tupiza.  It was ok and had a good breakfast.

Back on the Road to Repentance.  We found many rock slides from all the rain.  We tried to leave early so we did not meet many buses and trucks that travel this road at night.  This is the way the missionaries in Tupiza travel to get to Zone meetings and come to Cochabamba.  They tell us it is not so bad beacuse it is night and they cannot see the scary road.

Another picture of the Road to Repentance.  This does not make it look as high as it really is.

We got high enough on the road to be in the clouds.  You can see a fence built from rocks.  People do live high up along this road.
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  1. Hi, nice blog and beautiful photos!
    The 100 year old cactus with the bloom you mentioned is not a cactus, but an agave. They certainly live a couple of decades before blooming, but not hundred years. They are called sometimes century plants, but they survive only 20-30 years in average.