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Tupiza Trip Jan 2012 #2


It rained each night we were there.  That made the San Juan de Oro river run high and muddy.  The bridge in the distance takes you to Quirisa and Chacopampa.

They have several tourist guides who take people for horse rides out of Tupiza. 

These two young boys are on their way to irrigate crops out of Chifloca.  They are members of the Flores Family.

This women was going to get food for the burros.  They haul fresh picked alfalfa on the burros back to their houses.


Awomen resting along side the road on our way to Chifloca.  We offered her a cookie.  She took two.


The old chapel in Chifloca.  The missionaries fixed it up many years ago.  They got to use it for church because they put windows and doors in it.

This man was working on this building.  He was shoveling dirt and shod off the roof.  When he saw us he pointed to Lloyd's old house where they lived as young missionaries and said "that is the house of the missionaries, Elder Cardon and Bradshaw."  Lloyd got so excited and called out " I'm  Elder Bradshaw."  He quickly came down off the roof and they had a good visit. We found out hisn last name was Flores.


This is his wife and young son.  They have nine children.  They were a little shy about having their picture taken.  We didn't get all their first names.  We really hope we can visit again.  They enjoyed the cookies we brought.  As they visited with Lloyd and Pres. Dyer they recalled the missionaries living in Chifloca and riding horses.  Lloyd and his companion baptised her parents and her husbands mother.  They have since passed away. 

This is one of the Flores sons milking a goat.  He has just a tin cup.  I guess he wanted just a drink.  They had quite a large goat her.  Notice the throny fence.


This is their home in Chifloca.  They do have electricity now and a spicket outside outside their front door with running water.

We really enjoyed our visit with them.  Lloyd could not believe there was someone still living in Chifloca that would remember the missionaries.

On our way to Quirisa the next day we passed these children sitting on the hillside hearding goats. 


This area is down by the San Juan de Oro river.  The mountains across the river are called the Catridal (Cathedral)  There was a family having a picnic and playing along sandy shore.

 Another picture of the Cathedral.  The river is flowing along the bottom of the picture.

More rock formations by the River. 

This is the chapel in Quirisa.  Lloyd and about ten other missionaries and members of the town built this 42 years ago.  They still have church their every sunday.  Lloyd had many wonderful experiences here.  He was so happy to come back and see it again.


We found Diogenes Martinez and his wife still living in Chifloca.  He was the first Branch President there.  Here is wife is explaining to Lloyd and Pres. Dyer about her heart surgery.  They are both in their 80's.  They of course remember the missionaries that lived there years ago,


Sister Martinez does not have many teeth but she loved to visit with us.  We are standing in her back yard.  She had corn, grapes, and a few flowers growing.  They don't invite you into their homes too often anywhere in Bolivia.  You usually sit outside and visit. 

This is the inside of the chapel.  Same benches from 42 years ago.  The chapel was is pretty good condition.  There were a few minor repairs that needed done. 

Here Lloyd is visiting in the chapel doorway with Diogenes Martinez,

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