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Tupiza District Temple Trip June 2012

This is the inside of the train car.  Our seats were on the left second from
the back.  We road 14 hours at night.  We got on the train at 6:30 pm
and reached Oruro at about 9:30 am the next morning.
The man with his thumbs up is our District President, President Huarachi.
You can see the seats were really pretty comfortable.
This is a view of the train.  We were second car from the end.
LLoyd looks ok after a night of train riding.
This is the bus we took to Cochabamba. We road 6 hours.
It was comfortable but they had a TV with a movie and it
was really loud.  
This is Wilson and Eppy Soza their family was sealed.
Lloyd and Kristie
President and Christy Dyer
This is the whole Soza family.  Adam and Alan are their two sons.
This is Hector and Paola Ricaldi
They were married on June 27 in the Temple.
Hector doesn't look real happy in this picture, but he was.
Guadlupe Torres went to the temple for her own endowments.
She is from the Quiriza Branch.  
Guadlupe had her husband sealed to her the next day.
She asked Lloyd to be the proxy for him.
That was a very special experience.

Luz Dary Martinez and son Dorius.  She attened the temple for the
first time also.  Isabel and Diogenes Martinez are long time members
of the Quiriza Branch.  Diogenes was the first Branch President in Quiriza.

Guadalupe Torres and Isabel Martinez.  Great lamanite women.
Louisa Flores from Quiriza Branch.
She was one of the first members in Quiriza.

Elder Bradshaw was so happy to be at the temple with these good sisters.
This is a poinsette tree on the temple grounds.  It was full of blooms
but the tree has lost most of its green leaves.  
This is the bus we rode all the way home.  We got on in Cochabamba at
3 pm Friday  and arrived in Tupiza at 6:30 am Saturday.  It is a double
decked.  Our seats were on this side second from the front.
You could watch the road but we mostly looked out the side.
It was a long ride but we were able to sleep a little.

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  1. Elder and Sister Bradshaw,

    I just found your blog. I am thrilled that you are serving a mission in Bolivia. You must have a lot of joy serving where Elder Bradshaw served his first mission.

    I have often wondered how things are going with the church in Tupiza. Elder Brown and I had the opportunity to work in Tupiza when Elder Bradshaw was in Chifloca.

    Is there a ward in Tupiza? How many members are there in Tupiza?

    Richard Wiscombe 1055 S. Morgan Valley Dr. Morgan, Utah 84050