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#54 Machu Picchu #3

This is a view of the country on our way to the Sacred Valley.
We all went with our tour guide in a nice comfortable van.
This is a site you see often in the country.  A shepherd (usually a
woman) watching her animals.
A view of the Sacred Valley. This valley is located in the Andes mountains of Peru. 
 It is a beautiful valley with high mountain of both sides.  It was the heartland
 of the Inca Empire.  The crop growing in the fields is corn.   
The first city we visited was Pisac.
This city was built when cars were not thought of.  It had very
narrow streets in the old part.  

Two cute Peruvian girls. They wanted money from us
to have their picture taken
We visited a store where silver jewelry was made.  Some of the
different rocks and items the jewelry is made from.  
I've learned to take pictures of the names of places and
cities we visit.  Lloyd at the door of the jewelry store in Pisac. 
We watched them make some jewelry.  This man is making the forms
for necklaces from thin silver strips.  
Two of the shapes he was working on.  
He is shaping the colored stones to go inside the
framework of silver.  It was a delicate job to get
the gems to fit perfect.  
Some jewelry that was finished.  The one on the left does not
have any stones in it yet.  These two men did beautiful work.  
We met this young man outside the store while we
were waiting for everyone to finish shopping.  He
came right up to me and Lloyd.  He introduced himself
in English.  He said his name was Reuben.  He was
selling some bracelets tied with string.  You can
see them in his hands.  We had a nice visit.  He told
us he learned to speak English in school.  We bought
a few bracelets from him.  
People here are not afraid of hard work.  We
often see men and women carrying large, heavy
loads on their back.  He has some corn and
fresh alfalfa.  
This happy lady came walking down the street doing here spinning.
Bob Cardon and Ken Winkfield  enjoyed her happy smile.  
I'm not sure when a person gets too old to carry a load on their back.  
This a baked guinea pig called cuy.   It is a special meal in Peru.  
We have not tried it yet.    We may not ever try it.  
This is a crop we saw growing in the fields.  It is called Quinua.
It is a  small grain.  They use it in soups, baking and all different
dishes.  We like it.  
This is the LDS chapel building in Calca.  A town we drove thru
during our trip in the Sacred Valley.  
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