viernes, 5 de abril de 2013

#56 Machu Picchu #5

One evening we attended a show with Peruvian dancers. This is
the band that played music for the dancers.  There was also
a man who played a small key board and accordion. 
Their costumes were beautiful and colorful.  Each dance represented
different regions of the country.
  Most of the dancers were young and we enjoyed the program. 
This is the train we rode on to the city Agua Calientes . We stayed
there one night and toured the ruins of Machu Picchu.  The train ride
was very nice.  They served us refreshments and the scenery was
One house we saw along our train ride.
The train tracks ran next to the River Urubamba.  It was a fast moving
river with great rapids.  
Our pretty hostess on the train. 
This valley is filled with terraces built by the Incas.
An interesting 3D wooden carved mural inside the restaurant
where we ate in Agua Calientes. We thought at first it was the
Last Supper, but there are 14 men.  So we decided it was
"Christ in America"
The city of Agua Calientes is also called Machu Picchu.  Here is
the city plaza.  
One restaurant where we had lunch. 
Our hotel where we stayed.  It is called the Presidente. The train tracks
run right in front of the Hotel down the middle of the street. We all
had rooms with balconies overlooking the Urubamba River.  We
slept with the sound of the roaring river.  
The view of the street our hotel was on.  
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