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#58 Machu Picchu #7

This is a bath area.  Here they had their water supply.  There are
16 different areas in the city with this formation for water.  They
are connected by stone-carved canals.  
This ares is located below the Temple of the Sun.  There are several different
ideas as to what this area was used for. Some say storage or a royal tomb.
This is the Temple of the Sun.  It is a semicircular tower and the walls
slightly incline inward.  The inside of the walls are finely finished. It has
two windows.  One faces east and other southeast.  On the winter
solstice (21st June) the sun shines directly through the eastern window,
while on the summer solstice (21st December) it shines through the southeast
window.  Remember we are in the southern hemisphere.
A great view of the city. The front area.
The back area.  
We hiked to the Inca bridge.  It is a small removable bridge built
on the cliff edge path.
This drawbridge was built for security to
the city.  The path is now covered with
shrubs and plant growth.  
The bridge and the overgrown narrow path.
The view from the trail to the Inca bridge.  There is a power plant
down the valley along the river.  The picture is a little cloudy because
it started to rain on us.
The bus we road on to Machu Picchu.  They were nice and
quite a large number of them.  The road was wide and switchbacked
thru the jungle vegetation.  
The plane we flew on from LaPaz to Cusco and back.  We had
heard rumors about this airline, but we were happy to find it
new and safe.  
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