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#31 Tupiza District Tree Planting Service Project

On saturday. November 17th the members of the District planted 105
trees along the river in Tupiza.  
There was a good turnout of members to dig holes and help out.
It was a beautiful day.  We had young children and older members
that wanted to help.  
We planted poplar,  molla (evergereen) and a river willow trees.
We could have used a few more shovels.  Some dug holes with
picks and crowbars.  
President Davila is the First Counselor in the District Presidency.
We do not know all their names but this sister from the America Branch
loves to have here picture taken.  
These three sister are from the Tupiza Branch.  Hermana Alfaro is
on her knees.  She is the District Relief Society President. 
This is Hermana Rocio Mamani Davila.  She cooks for the
The children were good helpers.  
Wilson Soza and his two sons Allen and Adam came from Villizon,
which is about an hour and half drive.  The came with other members
by taxi.
All our great missionaries came to help.
Elder Qunitanilla, Hull, Bilanzich and Hrm. Boyce
These two sister rest while we waited for the trees to come.  We
had all the holes dug.  
This man works for the city.  He came and instructed us on how
to plant the trees properly.  
The District brought empanadas from this lady.  She has this
small fryer and cart  on the corner of the street.  I think they
bought about 160.  Enough for everyone to have two each.
They were delicious.

Sister Boyce helped President Hurachi (District President) pass
out the hot empanadas.  This was just a late breakfast snack for
A member had a tractor and small trailer to help out too.  They had a
load of goat manure we used to fertilize the trees.
Elder Bradshaw and President Ibanez of the American Branch.
Our pickup was useful this day.  Lloyd hauled several loads of people,
trees and Bicycles.  He made trips to get trees and food.
They had a nice dinner for everyone at the Tupiza Branch when
all the trees were planted.  
President Alfaro found a cool place to eat his empanadas.
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