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#35 Eleuterio & Petrona's Wedding #1

This is Erika Martinez she is 13 years old.  The oldest child of
Eleuterio and Petrona Martinez.  There was a beautiful sunset
one evening as we finished teaching at their home in Charaja.
This is Willian (not William) Martinez he is 10 years old and the
second child in the Martinez family.  They are standing to
the side of their home.  
This is wedding day for Eleuterio and Petrona.  This is the oven by
their kitchen.  Some of the relatives had a hot fire going inside
getting ready to cook chicken and goat for the wedding dinner.
We brought a pickup load of members of the America Branch
to the wedding.  Everyone pitched right in and began helping
the family prepare dinner.  These sisters are washing lettuce.
This is the cooking area of the kitchen.  There is a large pot of soup
cooking on the fire .Notice the wooden stool with the blue top. 

They sit on these stools everywhere. 
This is Sister Huarachi helping make the soup.
Sister Clemencia Muide is mashing cooked white corn called mote
on a large flat stone with another long rectangular shaped rock.
They put the mashed mote in the soup. 
Here is Petrona's sister.  She is sitting on a short wooden stool on
a dirt floor in the kitchen.  They sit on these stools all the time. I 

have a hard getting down that low and then standing up is just
as hard.  
Here is the goat and chicken all prepared and going into the oven.
Eleuterio and Petrona signing the papers during the wedding ceremony.
They do not look very happy, but they really were.
They are exchanging rings.  They look happier here.  They got
married inside their house on November 16, 2012.
The happy couple with their mothers and Wilian. 
A few of the missionaries and branch members that attended the wedding.
Luis Martinez,(their nephew) Elders Carhaus & Viscarra, Eleuterio, Petrona, Eleuterio's
mother, Sister Bradshaw and Elder Bradshaw and Wilian.
Another group picture. President Ibanez and his wife on the
far right.  We are standing in the front yard.  They do not have
grass in most yards.  
All the guests ate dinner inside their house.  The woman in the black
on the right was the Justice that married them. 
The family members ate outside by the kitchen.  They did not eat
with the other guests inside.  I'm not sure why. 
This was the good meal we ate.  There is chicken and goat, boiled
potato, mote (white boiled corn) and a salad with lettuce,
 tomatoes and onions.  We ate the goat.  It was tasty and
we enjoyed the meal. 
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