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#36 Martinez Wedding & Baptism #2

They had a beautiful cake for the wedding.
Amanda their five year old daughter watches Mom and Dad
cutting the wedding cake. 
It was a delicious cake and every guest had a piece. 
Each person who had a gift gave it to them personally and
congratulated them.
Friends and family also pinned money on them as presents.
Their youngest child, Jairo, was not feeling too well that day
so Petrona just tied him on her back with an aguillo.  He
seemed happy to be there.  
Three special sisters from Tupiza.  Sisters Muide, Huarachi, and Sanchez.
We took two pickup loads back to Tupiza.  This is the first load
with all the missionaries.
The next day was baptismal day. Eleuterio, Petrona, Erika, Luis,
and Willian were all baptized.  Amanda and Fernando are
part of this great family.
The whole Martinez Family with both Grandmothers. 
Elder Bradshaw baptized Eleuterio, Petrona, and Erika.
Elder Carhaus baptized Luis and 
Elder Viscarra baptized Wilian. 

Just as our meeting was getting over this group of Catholic people
marched past the Mormon Chapel carry their image of a Saint.
They stopped just a short ways down the road (not quite in
front of the Church)  and said a prayer to their image.
We have seen this a few times here in Tupiza.
There timing was interesting too.
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