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#34 Elder Allen's Visit

On October 18, 2012 Elder Stephen Allen, wife Nancy, his son Steve
and wife Allie visited Tupiza.  They flew from Cochabamba on
Sunday morning in this plane.
They landed safely on the gravel airport about a half hour out of Tupiza.
This country airport is not used often and this is the flight tower
behind them.  President & Sister Dyer, & the Bradshaws
helped them get their luggage and take them to visit
the America Branch.  This is where son Steve served his mission. 
While waiting outside the church house a load of horses
came by.  Elder Bradshaw had to have his picture taken
with them.  You don't see this very often in Tupiza.  
On our way to attend sacrament meeting in Quiriza we saw a herd
of goats grazing.  They stand up in these thorn bushes and eat a
hard seed pod.  
We had a nice meeting in Quiriza and the members were
so happy to meet the Allens.  Isabel and Diogenes Martinez
with the Allens. Diogenes was the first Branch President
in Quiriza when the chapel was built in 1969.
Members of the Quiriza Branch.
Mabel, Roly Flores (Branch President), his mother Marlena and
Isabel Martinez and granddaughter Luz Martinez.
On the way back to Quiriza we stopped by the river San Jan de Oro
and had a picnic lunch.  
That evening there was a fireside in the America Branch. President Dyer,  LLoyd and
Steve gave some good talks on their missionary experiences. Marcelino  Aban
with the Allens.  
On Monday we had a Zone Conference with Elder Allen giving
the missionaries some great instruction on improving missionary
work.  We had 54 missionaries in Tupiza.  We had lunch
at the Pub restaurant. We had traditional Bolivian food.  

Pique Macho and Alfredo de Pollo.  They always serve 
a large bowl of soup first. 

President and Sister Hurachi came to say good-bye to Steve on
Monday morning.  
The Dyers and Allens stayed at the Mitru Hotel.  We picked
them up early monday morning and headed for the airport.
When we got to the airport, the only ground crew on the runway
 was a couple of burros.  
The Allens checked their luggage and we began to wait for the
plane to arrive.  It was going to make two trips to Sucre.
Where they were having another Zone Conference.  
Sister Dyer looks out the window of the Executive
Lounge in the airport terminal.  
We waited and waited.  But no airplane.  Finally they drove
down to where there was cell phone service.  The pilot was
not able to take off from Tarija, because of bad weather.
So we waited patiently and had a good visit.
President Dyer and Lloyd 
Finally we saw the plane coming in.
President and Sister Dyer and the Allens took the first trip to Sucre.
They needed to get there for the Meeting.  The weather was still
nice and sunny and the pilot would be back around 12 noon for
Steve, Allie and the two President's Missionary  Assistants. 
Elder Allen enjoyed taking pictures too.
Elder Allen, wife Nancy. Sister Christy and President Dan Dyer
leaving Tupiza Airport. 
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