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#47 Quiriza/Villazon members January 2013

Isabel Martinez from Quiriza wanted to show us her good grape
crop this year.  They will soon be turning black and ready to eat.
We were waiting at the Plaza in Villazon and watched them working
on this large building.  They are bringing up cement in these two
buckets.  What a hard way to build.  
There are pretty hollyhocks growing everywhere.  
We took the Zone Leaders to Villazon for  a baptism.
Alan Soza was baptized by his father Wilson.
Here we are in Quiriza with a great group of members in our
pickup.  We pick them up each week so they can attend church meetings.  
Lloyd with two young Alpacas in Tupiza 
Adan Cano playing along the road in Monte.
Ronaldo, Nayeli, Jona Alcazar with Lloyd helping their neighbor, Omar,
clean ajo (garlic)
Ivan and Omar Alcazar working on their fathers farm.  Ivan is carrying
a heavy sack of garlic. It weighs about 80 pounds.  
We helped them cut corn to feed to their burros and pigs.  Here
Omar is carrying  a heavy load while Ronaldo carrys his tool for
cutting the corn.  
Lloyd carried a load up the hill too.  We really enjoy helping these
good people.  
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