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49 Tupiza Friends

This a view of the road from Cochabamba to Tupiza.  I took
it out the window of the double decked bus we rode back
to Tupiza after our temple trip in January. 
Two of the three parrots that live by our parking garage in
Tupiza.  They have their wings clipped so they can not
fly.  The third bird flies around town.  They are noisy birds. 
We had three days and nights with heavy rain in Tupiza.  It washed
out this bridge where the train track runs.  This is where we
had our Christams Party with the missionaries.  You can
see part of the track laying on the left side of the picture. 

Some more pictures of how the train track was washed away.
Some fields and farms where also damaged in the storm. 
Elder Bradshaw getting his shoes shined in the Tupiza Plaza. 
This is the field of corn we helped plant in the spring.  The storm
made the river rise and washed the bottom half of the corn field away.
The farmers also lost their cement irrigation ditch. 
This is Lloyd washing our clothes in the sink on the top balcony
of our apartment.  There was no warm water. So we washed
all our clothes in cold.  No washing machines or dryers in
Tupiza either.  
This beautiful bougavilla grew outside our front door. 
We took a P-day trip in LaQuiaca, Argentina with the missionaries.
We had a special lunch at a nice restaurant..
We had a large  beef steak with french fries.
They have delicious beef in Argentina.  
While we were shopping I saw this little guy playing in the dirt.
All he has on is this long shirt and hat.  
Staci  was baptized on her 9th birthday.  Her father is not a member
and when he asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She told
him she wanted to be baptized. 
People and animals work hard and carry heavy loads.  This is on
the road to Quiriza.  
Little girl along the road.   
Lloyd and I with our landlady Teresa Von Boeck in the patio area
of our apartment in Tupiza.  We lived on the second floor.  

Teresa was good cook.  She taught me how to make merengues
cookies.  This is in her kitchen when we were finished baking them.

When it rains in Bolivia the water can become a small river running
down the street.  I dared put my feet in this dirty water for this picture.
This is right by our apartment.

President Huarachi and his wife came by to visit us.
He is the District Preisdent in Tupiza.  
This is Maria Elizabeth Moraels Burgos.  We called here Ellie.
She came of wednesday afternoons and did our laundry for us.
She washed sheets, towels and white shirts.  
We visited with the Martinez family from Charaja before we left
Tupiza.  They wanted to know if we would come back in a year
when they went to the temple.  We said we probably could not
afford to.  We shed a few tears when we had to say good-bye
to this special family.  
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