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#51 Moving back to Cochabamba

In the middle of February we loaded up all our belongings and
moved back to Cochabamba.  Here are a few pictures of our
trip.  We took two days and enjoyed the adventure.  We decided
to try a different road this time.  This is a sign you see often along
the highways in Bolivia.  
We saw a lot of rock slides on the road.  The rain causes these.
They don't get into a big  hurry to clear them away so everyone
just drives over them or around them if possible.
The country was beautiful.  Everything is blooming and green
this time of year.  This is the mountains between Tupiza and
We stopped an ate lunch on the tailgate of the pickup. 
Another interesting road sign along the way.  
We drove to Sucre the first day.  It was about a 7 hour drive
from Tupiza on good paved road.  It is of course over
and around the mountains.   This is the patio area
of the very nice Samary Hotel we stayed at.  
In the morning these two young women were cleaning and baking
bread in the oven at the Hotel.  
A rawhide trunk at the Samary Hotel.  
A beautiful; leather trunk at the Hotel.  
The Dinosaur Museum in Sucre.  
The road out of Sucre.  Up and over the mountain. Beautiful country. 
The truck's trailer lifters were high centered.  It was blocking
the bridge.  It didn't take too long before he got it moving again.  
The road was paved about a third of the way from Sucre to Cochabamba.
The next few miles was gravel road and then we finally drove on a
cobblestone road for about 2 hours.  
All along the roads in Bolivia people build these memorial to
people who have been killed on the road.  This was one of
the fanciest ones we have seen.  It was close to the top of the
The cobblestone road was up and over some high mountains.  It
was wide enough to pass on and beautiful farm land.  
Just one of many small house and farms we saw.  They are all
high in the mountains.   The raised potatoes, grain and some corn
down a little lower in the valley.  
More pictures of the beautiful country here.  We finally came
back to paved road about 80 to 100 miles from Cochabamba.
It took us 9 hours to drive about 320 miles.  It was a
memorable trip. 
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