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#48 Qurizia Branch Conference Jan 18 & 19

On January 18th the members of the Tupiza District attended the
Quiriza Branch Conference.  They were celebrating the LDS Church's
50th year in Bolivia.  They packed up what they would need to have
a Barbecue, stay overnight in Quiriza, play some soccer and a special fireside
and  attend church on Sunday.  This was one vehicle they loaded with
their belonging to take the trip to Quiriza.  They wanted to have this
event in Quiriza because that is where the first LDS chapel was built
in Bolivia.
The loaded people and more belonging in this truck. 
There were three trucks that was loaded and made the trip to Quiriza. 
Elder Avila, Diogenes Martinez, Lloyd and Elder Mitchell in
front of Quiriza chapel.  
During our barbecue in Quiriza a herd of goats came by.  
Each Branch made a meal for their members.  Sister Garcia and Sister
Coombs are helping the member of the Quiriza Branch make some
onion and tomato salad.  We also had chicken, rice and mashed potatoes.
The children wanted Sister Bradshaw to take their
picture as they jumped off this big rock.  This is
Melvin Catacata flying off the rock.  
Lionel Flores, Cristian Sarapara, Melvin, Melina, Lesley & Helen
Catacata and Naoemi Vaquera.  These children all live in Quiriza.
President Dyer (mission President) came from Cochabamba to
attend the Conference.  He was able to visit with some of the
missionaries.  He is visiting with Elder Mero after the barbecue. 
Ernesto Catacata helped the Quiriza Branch members haul food,
cooking pans and people to and from the barbecue place.
He uses this tractor and wagon on his farm in Quiriza.  
The Martinez family traveled to the conference in their truck from
Charaja which is about a half hour from Tupiza.  
The little chapel in Quiriza was full on sunday morning.  About 170
people attended the conference.  
The special missionaries serving in the Tupiza Zone.
Sisters Garcia, Coombs, Elders Galan, Mitchell, Bell,
Quintania, Mero, Chadwick and Bienavida
The Soza family from Villazon.
Wilson, Eppa and Adan and Alan. 
A couple of  group pictures of most of the members who attended the Conference. 
They loaded up their belongings and people. Members  of  the
Villazon Branch started singing and playing their guitars on the
way back to Tupiza. The Conference was a great experience.
The members of the District had shared a 
 special  two days together.  
Testimonies were strengthened and everyone would remember this time together. 
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