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#17 Quiriza Independence Day Celebration

We went to Quiriza for Bolivia's Independence Day Celebration
They had all the school age children do physical education races
and then they dressed in costume and did some dances.
Lloyd is holding  Dario Martinez. His mother is a single Mom
and is active in the church in Quiriza.
This is Melaina Catacata
She is also 3 and all her family in active in the church. 
All the children marched in and were dressed alike.
Each school in Bolivia has a large cemented futbol (soccer)
playing area.  The school may be very tiny but they all have this
large covered area.  This is where the children performed.
They are just getting this area covered.  When it is finished
there will be cement bleachers on one side.
Lesley, Melaina Catacata and Dorio
Helen Catacata and Carmen Martinez
Lionel Flores racing while spinning and jumping a ball and string.
Lesley Catacata she likes her picture taken.
Lesley all dressed and ready to dance.
She is 6 years old.
Lesley and neighbor's little girl.
Melvin Catacata age 11.
All the young boys have a pack on their back filled with flowers.
They stay in a line and do about the same step to the beat of
the music.   Melvin, Helen, and Lesley Catacata.
These  were the youngest boys.  They are about 4 years old.
Crystal and Dorio.
Their dance costume were very colorful.
This is Crystal.  I don't know here last name.
This is the oldest group of dancers. 
Some dancers wore sandals others were barefooted.  The boys had black on their faces and hair tied up in several small pig tails.
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