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#19 Quiriza P-Day & Baptisms

We are standing in front of the Quiriza chapel with Branch President Roly Flores,
his wife Mabel and son Lionel.   They are a great family in Quiriza.
One P-day we climbed the mountain in Quiriza to a place where the members have
an area marked to show when President Spencer W. Kimball dedicated Bolivia for the
preaching of the gospel.   We found a tall cactus on top. 

These stones  marked the  place.  They read Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
They have been moved around by a few visitors.  The members would like to have a more permanent marker placed there.
President Flores helped us climb the mountain and get back down.
You are looking down the valley.  You can see the River
San Juan de Oro.
The climb up and down was steep and the trail narrow in places with a
steep drop off.  Pres. Flores was a great help to Hermana Bradshaw that day.

This is the trail coming down the mountain.  The younger  missionaries had no trouble
climbing around.  You can see the drop off on the edge is a good ways down.

We went back to the chapel in Quiriza after our hike.  We had a good picnic lunch
and planted some flowers in the church garden. Elder Hack and Bilanzich were great help.
Hermana (Sister) Boyce, Elder Rengifo, Elder Bilanzich, Elder Hack, Hermana
Yupanqui and Elder Bradshaw working hard planting flowers.
We get a few beautiful sunsets here in Tupiza.  This is looking out our front door.

In Bolivia they know how to load their trucks with corn.
I'm sure this was all done by hand.  (somehow?)
Branch members come to support the baptism of  
On P-day we loaded up all the missionaries and went to
Argentina.  It is about an hour and half drive.  We parked
the truck in Villazon, Bolivia and walked over the border.
           We had a nice lunch at a restaurant owned by some members.  
      The best thing we bought there was some beef at a butcher shop.
 We have eaten some of it and Argentine beef is delicious.
The town in Argentina is called La Quiaca.
Elders Bradshaw, Viscarra, Rengifo, Hermanas Boyce,
Yupanqui, Elders Hack and Bilanzich. 
We stopped along the road and walked through
a tunnel.  This is looking out at the mountain
from an open space in the tunnel.
This is the river.  There is not too much water
running this time of year.  The rainy weather
during December, January and February will
fill the river bed.
This is the tunnel the new road runs through on the way to
Villazon. The old tunnel we walked through is on the right.
The Sister Missionaries had there first baptism since becoming
a companionship.  Two sisters named Daniella and Naomi.
While we were visting the Cano Family, Elder Rengifo jumped
right in to help Gloria Cano make bread.  The kitchen has
a hard packed dirt floor.
We are on our way to church in Quiriza. We had sixteen
people in the pickup.  We had 7 adults and 9 children.
The branch in Quiriza is growing.  We were blessed to
find 3 less active familes in a small pueblo called Monte.
  They are now attending church. The Elders are
teaching the children and 3 are old enough to be baptized.

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