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#22 LaPaz & Peru Trip #2

We are on our way to Copacabana.  We had to cross Lake Titikaka
here.  We got on this boat.  Helen Kennedy is the first to get on.
Our van we were riding in got on this barge with this truck.
They took even large buses across. 
These are women from Copacabana.  We climbed these stairs
up a mountain at Copacabana.  
This is a view of Copacabana.

When you climb the mountain along the way people pick up
rocks representing the size of their sins.  They place them along
the way at crosses.  President Crayk found a rock just the right
size for him. 
We visited The Sun Island  where the Chikana Ruins are.
These are cleansing chambers we are standing in.
Some more of the ruins. These were built and used by the Incas.
A table used for sacrifices.  Some of the ruins have been
We traveled to Sun Island on this boat.  The Lake was
very rough that morning.  Not everyone in the group
made it there before they lost their breakfast. 
This is a trail we could hike to other side of the island.
We got on this nice bus to go to Puno, Peru.
The first place we visited was the Urus Islands.  They are
completely made from reeds.  They float out in Lake Titikaka.
There was 70 of these small islands.
These women greeted our boat as we got to the islands.

This is a house on the island. About 6 to 7 families live on one island.
Their house are made of reeds and have one room.  They use
generators for electricity.

Another view of the island. When you walked on the island
it was like walking on a sponge. 

Lloyd made friends with these children.  We took them a small
gift of some pencils.
They travel from island to island on these boats and they
also have some small wooden boats.

The next island we visited was Amantani  Island.
Their homes were neat and  only  a few dog and no garbage
on this well cared for island.
A man and his burro.  You had to be in shape to live here.
Everywhere we walked it was up hill.
This man and woman were carrying heavy loads up the path.
That night a few men played some music and we danced with
some other tourists and native people.  Here Luis our guide is
having a good time dancing with a native woman.
We stayed at the Kantuta Lodge.  It was not fancy.  This is our
room.  No towels or shampoo here and also no toilet seats
on the toilets.   ???
The woman on this Island wore black heavy cloths over their heads.
They were beautifully embroidered. 
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