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#23 Taquile Island / Puno #3

Another picture of this woman's beautiful cape. We are leaving Amantani
Island.  You can see the boat we were riding on docked a the left. 
The next island we visited was Taquile.  The boat left us on this side
of the island and we hiked up staring here, had lunch on top and hiked
back down the other side.  
This is a view of how they terrace on all these islands so they can
farm and raise food to eat.  The Lake Titikaka was so beautiful
and blue. 
This is where we ate lunch.  It had a nice view of the island and lake.
They had beautiful  weavings done by the native people.  This is a large
belt a woman would make for her husband to be.  The black stripes
on the top are her own black hair. 
This is the other side of the island as we were walking down.
  A lot more terraces.
This is down to the bottom of where we hiked
down the island.  We had to go down about
600 steps.  
This is just as you got to the top there was a  large plaza.
This boy was flying a pink kite.
These two men were sitting at the plaza with their hats and native dress.
All the men wear hats. The color of your hat and how you wear  it tells
 if you are married,single or  interested .
These are taxis we saw in Peru.
Another taxi in Puno, Peru.
Sorry I got this picture out of order.
This is the view as we climbed down the stairs of Taquile Island.
You can see the boats waiting to take us back to Puno.
The water of Lake Titikaka was really that blue.
It was about a 6 hour boat ride.  Lake Titkaka in huge!!
Another taxi in Puno.

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