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#21 Trip to LaPaz and Peru #1

This is the Bertola Family from Alpine, Utah
Their son Brett was our zone leader in Tupiza
Brett's mother, Nani brought us some very nice
packages from our family in the United States.
We all attended the temple before they left to go home 
and we left on our trip.
The Temple in Cochabamba is so beautiful at night.
They were doing a lot of work on the grounds, the inside
and they were just finishing painting the outside.
We are looking down at LaPaz.  This is the main road from the Airport.
There were heavy clouds that first morning.  LaPaz sits in a valley
with high mountains on each side.  The homes are built up high on the
These buildings were across from our Hotel.  LaPaz had a lot
of cars and people.  It is a very big city. 
These zebras were everywhere.  They were doing advertising for
cell phones.   They were thanking the people for visiting LaPaz.
The first place we visited was called The Moon Valley.
This man is standing on some of different
rocks formations and playing flutes and tamponos.
This is some of formations.  There were paths all through
this area. 
We visited a great scenic view area next.  It is called
Quilli Quilli Look our Point.   This is our group.
You can see some of the downtown business area.  This is looking
down the valley.
We visited  a musical museum.  There were many different
instruments.  This is a mask they wear during some of
their dances and celebrations.
Another interesting mask. 
This wall displays all kinds of different hats worn by Bolivians.
That is a guitar/violin instrument on the table.
Lloyd and President Crayk walking down Sagarnaga Street.
There was a famous battle fought here between the National
Police of Bolivia and the Army. We are not sure what
they were fighting about.
We visited some Catholics churches also. The
stained glass is beautiful in many of them
They allowed pictures in this one.
Tuesday morning we all got in this van with our two guides.
Luis and Rodrigo 
We visited an area where they make reed boats.  This man
is laying our the reed and tying them together.

This a reed boat.  It looks like is got a new head.
This was our first view of Lake Titikaka.  It
was beautiful.

Lloyd and Kristie's first ride on Lake Titikaka.

This is Paulino Esteban.  He is famous for building reed boats.
You can see a small scale reed boat in front of him.  
We stopped at this restaurant to have lunch. The couches
are made from reeds.  We had fried trout from Lake Titikaka.
It was very tasty.
A view of Lake Titikaka from the restaurant where we had lunch.
Lloyd and President Crayk had fun deciding the best
way to wear their caps and Bolivian stocking hats. 
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