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#25 District Conference Weekend

President Dyer, his wife Christy, President Crayk (Temple President at Cochabama)
 his wife Connie, Lloyd and I went for a horseback ride in Tupiza.
 Here are the horses we rented.

Our guide took a picture of everyone.
Connie Crayk, Pres. Dyer, Pres. Crayk, Christy Dyer, Kristie & Lloyd
We all had to wear hats.  The people who run the horse rides don't
 want anyone getting sunburned.
We rode up the valley out of Tupiza.  This gives you an idea
what the county and mountains look like here.

We rode until the trail ended and we hiked a short ways to
a small waterfall.  
Lloyd, Lee Crayk and Dan Dyer.  We really enjoyed this ride.
This is where the trail ended it is called Devil's Gate,
We rode for about three hours and the horses were glad to be back.
Our Bolivian saddles where interesting and there was  only one western saddle
 with a horn.
Our guides were Jose and Carlos.  
That afternoon we took a drive to Quiriza.  This is a view of the
San Juan de Oro River.  It is a narrow small flow now but during
the rainy months is can cover from bank to bank.
Another view of the River and the mountains.
We had a nice picnic lunch at Toroyo  by the river.
Connie and Lee Cryak.  Behind them is a large rock formation
called the Cathedral.  It is a famous landmark of this area. 
At Quiriza they were having a celebration of the young women in their
community.These women came to watch their children and grandchildren.Notice
the second woman.  She has coca leaves under her eyes.They believe this
 plant can cure and help most anything. 
Here are some young lamanite girls fixed up and ready for this celebration.
This is the queen of this years celebration  and last years queen.  They were
honoring them for academics and values.
Here are two future queens of Quiriza.
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