jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

#26 District Conference Weekend

Saturday started with Lloyd and Pres. Crayk getting their
shoes shined at the Plaza in Tupiza.
We had a nice lunch with the Tupiza Zone missionaries.  We celebrated
Elder Billanzich and Elder Hacks's birthdays.  
That afternoon we had a baptism for Honorata and Augustine Caceres
and Sheila Cruz Miranda.  
Dorio Martinez came to Conference on Sunday with his
mother and a bus load of members from Quiriza.
The Catacata sisters.  Lesley, Helen and Madeline.
The members that came to Conference on a bus from Titihoyo, Monte
and Quiriza. This is outside the Tupiza Chapel. 
Deeana, France, and  Analee Cano from Monte came with
their Uncle and Mom.
The Condori Family from Titihoyo.
Nelva, Mayra, Elvis, Hrm. Bradshaw, Rosaria (Mom), Florida,
Ivan with new baby boy( Ivan) and Gabriel. 
Lloyd was asked to ordain Carlos Leonel Sorveo Mamani , who
is preparing to go on a mission, to be an Elder. 
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