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#29 Tupiza's Everyday Sights

Everyone in Tupiza uses gas to cook with.  This truck delivers full
tanks of gas for their stoves and takes empty one away.  It has a
horn that honks loudly to let people know it is around.
The Martinez family from Charaja.  The Elders and Lloyd have been
teaching them and they will soon be ready for baptism.  They have
six children. The three older children are old enough to be baptized
also.  Their baptismal date in November 17.  
Elevterio (the father) makes adobe bricks for a living. This is the
form he shapes them in. (all by hand) You can see new ones on the ground that
are drying and some ready for sale stacked up behind.  
Wilian, Fernando and Amanda Martinez.  
Adobe bricks drying.  They are sold for one Bolivian each.  Which
is about 14 cents. Almost all the buildings and homes are built
with these bricks. 
The adobe bricks are made with dry grass, clay soil and water. 
This is a home of some members of the church that live in Monte.
The kitchen where they cook their food is on the left end of the house.
We were visiting in Monte on a Friday afternoon. We saw some
children at the school and the teacher came out and invited us in.
Elder Rengifo and Bilanzich were invited to teach the children.
This is the school room. The teacher is in the front on the right.
The missionaries gave a great lesson on prayer. 
This is the desks the children use.  Two children sit at each desk. 
These three brothers live in Monte.
Ronaldo in 8, Jonalan 6 and Adan is 3.
They had several dogs and cats for family pets. 
We visited the Condori Family in Titihoya and Ivan was cultivating
the garlic crop with his burrow.  Elder Rengifo was happy to help.
Elder Bradshaw and Nelva Condori  having fun and posing
for the camera.
The moon was up before the sun was down going back to Tupiza. 
This good man is  hauling a load of corn on is bicycle. 
Wilder Condori plowing his field with a team of oxen called
bueys in Spanish.  They are plowing getting ready to plant corn. 
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  1. This is a random shot, hoping I can create a communication with you. My wife and I are serving in Tupiza right now as missionaries, and we met Eleuterio Martinez and his family yesterday. They would be tickled to hear from you - they showed us a picture album from the time you were here, and of their baptism. If you see this, please contact me at