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#28 Uyuni Salt Flats Trip #2

After lunch we rode to Incahuasi Island.  It is right out in the
middle of the Salt Flats.
The island was covered with large cactus and had some neat
looking stone buildings.
Lloyd is pointing to the island on the map.  All the blue area is the salt  flats.
We found a little color on the island.  
Tupiza Zone on Incahuasi Island.  We all needed sunglasses or
you could sunburn your eyes quite easily from the reflection off the salt. 
Our guides showed us an area where the water came bubbling up
out of the ground.  The water level is high and at some times of
the year the salt flats look like a lake.  They told us you have
to be careful not to go off the traveled roads or you will get stuck. 
This is a Hotel built on the Salt Flats.  They have about three more
that are in the process of being built.  They are of course made
out of salt. This is the center of the Hotel and it had two wings
on each side where the rooms are located.
Inside they had some fun decorations made with salt. 
This is what the rooms look like. 
The had a nice stone fireplace. 
A salt staircase. 
A salt bear and couch..
You would almost think it is made of snow.
The ceiling upstairs in the dining room.
This is the bus we rode back to Tupiza in.  It does not look too bad
in this pictures, but it was old and rusted in areas.  Inside the seats
were pretty comfortable and we made it safely back.  Riding some
of these buses in Bolivia is always an adventure!!
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