viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

#32 Zone and Tupiza Days

We had a great P-day.  We bought steaks from Argentina and
the Elders found a grill to cook them on.  This is the patio
area of our apartment.  Elder Bilanzich and Rengifo enjoyed
helping Lloyd cook the steaks.
This is looking upstairs from the patio.  They are all standing
in our front door.  The whole zone was there.
Elders Bradshaw, Chadwick, Espina, Perez, Hull, Hrms. Yupanqui,
Boyce, Elders Rengifo and Bilanzich.  
Zone Meeting October 30, 2012.  We knew Elder Rengifo was
going home.  Elders Espin and Perez were transferred and Hermana
Boyce moved to Cochabamba.  There are always changes.
The first friday in November in Memorial Day in Bolivia.  We
visited the Quiriza Cemetery.  Lloyd was trying to update
some of the membership records.  We needed death dates
to be able to take the names of the dead off the records
Some graves were marked clearly.  Others we had to look closely
for names or any information.  It is a dry, sad cemetery.
In the distance you can see a wooden foot bridge.  We like to
walk over it on the mornings we take a walk. 
This is the bridge.  There are some wide gaps in it.  We see
people riding bikesand taking big loads on their carts across. 
We finally learned how to use our self-timer on our camera.  
This was the hail we got in our pickup.  We ran into this black cloud
and storm on the way home from church in Quiriza.  The road was
soon turned into a red river of fast running water.  There was about
an inch or two of hail covering the back of the pickup.  
There was a parade in Tupiza.  We only watched the
first few group of dancers.  We were on our
way out of town to pickup some investigators.
This is  Erma Martinez.  She has a flower and
vegetable store.  She is a member of the
church and was able to visit the United States
in October for her sisters wedding in Salt Lake City.
She was able to attend a session of General Conference.
She would like to live in the United States she told us. 
Their costumes are beautiful and look expensive.
Each group of dancers had a band with them.
Every age enjoys doing these dances and wearing
these colorful costumes.
They told us these groups were from the different Colleges and the
celebration was called Potosi Days.
Wish we could have watched more.
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