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#33 Modesto & Elizabeth Villca

These cute girls are the daughters of Modesto & Elizabeth Villca
They are Emily, Marijaina, & Lizabeth
Their Mom and Dad were legally married,
baptized and wedding party all on the same day!
A family picture.  Elizabeth, Modesto and Girls.
They were taught by the Sister missionaries.  Sister Boyce and
Sister Yupanqui.  Elder Bradshaw also visited several times
with them and helped teach them.  
They were baptized by Elder Bradshaw.  They have a great story.
Modesto was unhappy with life and drinking about every day with
friends after work.  He saw the missionaries and something told him
to ask them for help.  The Elders were getting on a bus and so Modesto
got on the bus behind them and followed them until they got off.  He
then told them he was unhappy and explained something told him that they could help
him.  They lived in the Sister missionaries area and so the Sisters
started teaching them.  They accepted the gospel and the change in
Modesto especially was great.  
Elders Carhaus and Viscarra with the Villca Family. 
The Sister Missionaries were so happy for Modesto and Elizabeth.
They worked hard helping them get ready for this special day. 
The church was decorated and they had a beautiful wedding cake.

Modesto and Elizabeth had many family members that came and
supported them on this day.  Their family cooked a nice meal for everyone.
Most of their family is not members of the church. 

President and Sister Dyer danced with the happy couple.  

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