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#46 Diogene, Isabel Martinez & Luisa Flores & Maria Guadlupe

The third week of January we traveled with 12 members of the
Quiriza Branch to the Temple in Cochabamba.  This is Isabel and Diogenes

Martinez.  Their daughter Liliana and grandson Roly received 
their endowments and had their families sealed.  

Maria Guadlupe came with us to the temple.  She received her
endowment July 2012 and had her husband sealed to her then.
She was excited to visit the temple again.  
Sister Christy Dyer with Luisa Flores, Isabel Martinez and Maria Guadlupe.
Lloyd, Ken Winkfield, Diogenes Martinez and President Dan Dyer.
Lloyd, Ken and Dan were three of the first missionaries to serve
missions in southern Bolivia.  Diogenes was the Branch President in Quiriza 

at that time..That was about 45 years ago.  Ken and his wife Eve are serving as
 Temple Missionaries in Cochabamba and Dan and his wife Christy are the
Mission President of the Cochabamba Bolivia Mission.  
What a special time we all had.  Great memories and old friendships renewed.
Maria, Luisa, Isabel, Lilian, Mabel and Milena.  A special group
of women from Quiriza.  
Maria Guadlupe and Luisa Flores enjoying the beautiful grounds
at the temple. 
Isabel Martinez
mother to Liliana Catacata and grandmother to Roly Flores.  
Maria and Luisa love to have their picture taken.  
Our whole group from Quiriza including President and Sister Dyer. 

After a good week at the Temple we are waiting at the gate of
temple for a taxi.  Diogenes was able to get a hearing aid while
in Cochabamba.  He had a big smile on his face after he put in
on.  It was about a 14 hour bus ride back to Tupiza.
Milena had a fun ride at the bus terminal while waiting to get
on the bus back home to Tupiza. 
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