jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Service Day Part 2 Condori Family

The Condori family has a farm in a small town calle Tithoya.  The mother and three
older children are baptized.  Her husband, Wilder and 2 other children, Elvis 9 yrs old
and Mayra 12 are being taught the missionary lesson by Lloyd  and Elders
from Tupiza. Lloyd and I spent an afternoon helping them plant garlic.
We planted the sets of garlic and Lloyd is now spreading goat manure on
the rows.
Here we are sacking the manure to take to the field in wheelbarrows.
Their daughter-in-law who is 6 month pregnant is doing the shoveling.
Nelva is helping us.  She is their youngest child.
This is Nelva Condori.  In July she will be 4 years old. She was
having fun playing on the pile of goat manure.
It was just a little ways to take the sacks to the planted field.
The first field has been plowed.  Corn was planted there earlier this year.
The field beyond the trees is where we planted the garlic.
After the fertilizer was spread.  They used a one blade plow pulled by a
burro and led by someone to make a furrow and cover the garlic sets
with soil.  This is Ivan their oldest son and his wife, Soladia.
The mountains looking to the southeast of the field.  It is winter so some
of the trees are not green.  The mountains have such different colors and
rugged shapes.
Elder Bradshaw helped feed the cows.  A bundle of dried corn is their feed.
We had a good afternoon  helping this family.
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