jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Service Day Part 3 w/ Elders

The four Elders serving in Tupiza and the Bradshaws had an opportunity
to help Luis from the Tupiza Branch haul some lumber.  A large tree
had been cut down and sawed into pieces for hauling.
Our Zone leaders, Elder Hertler and Bertola carry a very heavy piece to the
turck.  The wood was green and that made it heavy.
Elder Bertola wanted his picture taken with the cows out in the field. The beautiful
mountains behind make this a great picture.
There was enough wood to make a good load.
Luis is a furniture builder so this wood is valuable.
With the truck as close as they can get it.  They all started to load up the lumber.
Many hands make for an easier job.
Elders Schwarz and Bertola.  Great missionaries!!!!
It didn't take these good men long to get it all loaded and on the way to Luis's home.
The unloading was easy.  The truck dumped it out pretty close to Luis's house.
A good job done.  Elders Hertler and Bertola.
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