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Trip to Tupiza May 2012 Part 2

Another view of the country out of Potosi. 
If  you look closely at the llama's ears.  You will see they have bright colored
cloth tied to them.  That is the way they can tell which llama belong to whom.
There are two pink flamingos in the pool of water.  
We gave this man a ride to Uyuni.  He was walking along the road out of
Potosi.  He said his brother was in the hospital and very sick.  Lloyd gave
him a Book of Mormon.  He showed us his Bible that he had with him.  He
said he read it often.
The road sign out of Potosi.  Only 208 Km to Tupiza.  
Our pickup stopped about 20 miles out of Uyuni and would not start.  This
is where we were until some members from Uyuni helped us.  .
We had our prayers answered this day.

This is not a good place to have engine trouble.  As you can see we are out in
the middle of the deseret. The only thing around was a herd of llamas and
a little lady herding them with her slingshot.
These are the good people that helped us get the pickup running again.
Cristo Calcina his son Isaac,  Mariel Montoya and her husband Jose Velasquez ( the
branch president in Uyuni). It cost us 50 cents to fix the truck.
Isaac and Heyli Calcina.  Their father helped us fix the pickup.
I just gave them a piece of candy.  That is why Isaac's jaw
looks full.  He wanted me to listen to him count to 10 in English.
The children are special here in Bolivia.
We stayed in this very nice hotel  in Uyuni.
The Samay Wasi Hotel.
Some of the country out of Uyuni.
An interesting rock formation and they are growing some kind of rice piled in
the field to dry.
A little slower way of traveling, but it beats walking.
I loved this sign when we saw it.  It makes us laugh now, but the road was
pretty steep. 
The road was long and dusty.
The corn has been cut by hand and stalked to dry.

We made in to Tupiza this is on top of a taxi here.
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