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Trip from Cochabamba to Tupiza May 2012 Part 1

We are on our way to Tupiza.  This a mountain pass about two hours
from Cochabamba.  Bolivia has mountains after mountains.
Our first gas stop was in Oruro.  This is the pickup we bought.  A Toyota Tacoma.
We saw many mountain farms and villages.  The fences are built from rocks.

Potosi was were we stayed the first night.  We visited with the Elders and
delivered some packages and mail to them.  This is a mining town.  They mine silver here.

We parked the truck here for the night in a high walled
locked gate parking area.  You do not leave your automobiles
parked on the streets at night anywhere in Bolivia. Lloyd is
standing by an old adobe wall in the parking area.
An early morning  view of Potosi.  Most towns are built on the hillside.
The streets are very narrow in Potosi.  When these buildings were built they did
not plan for cars and buses.  We stayed in the Hotel El Turista on the right.
It was early May and it was very cold that night.  The elevation is about 13.000.
This is the Statue of Christ on  a hill in Potosi.  Every town has some kind of  statue.
What the country looked like between Potosi and Unyuni.
Not snow on the hills but alkalie. We are getting close to
the world famous Uyuni Salt Flats.
We saw thousands of llamas on our trip.  Here is a unique spotted one.
A woman with her herd of burros along the road. 
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