domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

Service Days with Members Part 1

We helped stack corn for Ernesto & Lillian Catacata in Quiriza
We stacked the corn in a area near their house
Ernesto with his tractor he bought last year and a wagon full of corn
Ernesto is loading from the field.  He has strong arm and legs to do this.
He walked up a narrow board with his arms full.
This is the field where he was hauling from.  They cut it and let in dry
in these tepee shaped stacks for about a month.
Ernesto and Lilliana Catacata.  They are good members of the Quirza Branch.
They have four children.  Three girls and one boy.
They are standing in their garlic field. 
This is their alfalfa field.  Their farm is about 10 acres near to the river.
The grass grows tall by the river.  Lloyd knows a lot about
grasses, but he wasn't sure what kind this is.
We washed up for lunch by their home.
Another fun day for us was with the Soza family.  This is by their house.
They are drying the corn. There were 3 different kinds here.
This is the kitchen where they cook their meals. An open fire and dirt floor.
This  is the oven just outside the kitchen door.
Another view of the home and the drying corn,
Adam Soza and his puppy.
We went out to where they had stacked the corn and our job was to pick the ears
off the stalks and put them in sacks.  The missionaries from Tupiza and Villazon
helped the family.
Wilson Soza gave us a wooden tool to help shuck the ears off the stalks.
This was a dusty job.  But we filled several sacks with different kinds of
corn.  The ears were not too big, because this is dryland corn.  They
had a good crop this year because there was plenty of rain.
Adam with Lloyd and I.  We have a few ears in our sack.
We took our sacks back to the house and he started dumping them out
to sort them and start them drying.
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