miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

#45 Flores Family at Temple in Cochabamba

Roly, Mabel and Lionel Flores have just arrived at the Temple
in Cochabamba.  Mabel's nephew Cristian also came with them.
They are going to be sealed and become an eternal family.  
We don't look too bad for having rode a double decked bus
for 15 and half hours from Tupiza.  
The Catacata and Flores families  at the
door of temple.  
President Crayk did a wonderful job officiating at the Sealings
of  these two families.  He is standing by Lloyd.  He is
President of the Cochabamba Temple.  
Roly, Mabel and Lionel Flores.  Roly is the Branch
President at Quiriza.  
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