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#37 Tupiza December 2012

We had some heavy rain storms.  This is the main highway out of
Tupiza.  Half of the road was washed away and they are working
on it.  Look in the bottom left hand corner.  You can see the
yellow line that was the middle of the road.  
This wash took a large piece of the paved highway.  
The cactus are blooming now (Nov-Dec) around the
area.  This one had beautiful dark pink blossoms on top.
Their are large white flowers on some cactus.
The green bushes growing by the cactus are thorn bushes.  Their thorns
are long and nasty.  They like to burn the wood from these bushes
on their cooking fires.  It burns hot and long.  
This is a view from the road to Quiriza.  The valley is turning
greener every week.  The corn is growing and makes the fields colorful.
The flowers and shrubs have been beautiful this year at the
Quiriza chapel.  They put goat manure on all of them.
The gladiolas and marigolds are taller than any I have
ever seen.  
We were visiting Quiriza one afternoon and here
came the Catacata children riding their burro.
Melvin, Melanie, Helen and Lesley.  They are
a great family and all active in the church. 
Elder Bradshaw had a sucker for Melanie, Lesley, and cousin Benji. 
We visited with the Condori Family in Titihoya.  Here Rosaria is
topping the beets.  She will take them to market and sell them
on saturday.  
We sat down to help her for a while.  Her daughter Nelva  is usually
close to her Mom.  She talks faster than an child we have met here.
I pretend to understand all she is telling me and she loves it. Her face
is usually covered with dirt and I'm not sure what else.
 I think she found a sucker in Elder Bradshaw's goodie bag.  
This mountain is called the Cathedral.  I have taken many pictures
of this area, but the light was good this day.  You can see the river
San Juan de Oro and there is a nice picnic area here also.  Elder
Richard G. Soctt has painted a picture of this mountain.  We
were told it is on display in a Art Gallery close to
Temple Square.We hope to see it some day.  

This area is called the organ pipes.  There are formations that
look like the Tabernacle organ pipes.  
An everyday sight we see on the road to Quiriza.  I think every
family has several burros.  
This is the adobe wall next to our apartment.  If you look in the
drain pipe you can see two baby birds. This is the view from
one of our kitchen windows.  
These 3 parrots live in the trees by
the open garage where we park our pickup.
They are fun to see and very noisy.  
This is the sunset one evening near Tupiza.  We were
driving back from a small pueblo called Charaja.  
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