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#39 Tupiza and Quiriza

Elder Bradshaw was teaching Elder Bilanzich how to team rope.
We were visiting members in Quiriza and had a little time to wait. 
Some people on their way to a parade in Villazon.  These costumes
look expensive.  
They are digging up the sidewalks in Tupiza and  laying pipe for
gas lines to each home and business.  It makes for dirty, messy
streets and sidewalks.  It is progress for the people.  They said the
project will take a least two years. When it is finished the people
will not have to buy gas in the tanks for their houses.
These men from Quiriza are mining for gold.  They are digging
the soil from a hillside along the river and washing it down two
sloosh boxes.  They pump water up to the top from the river
below.  They have a claim and have found a little gold.  
This is our sidewalk in front of our apartment.  The white metal
door is our front door.  The workers are getting ready to dig
it up for the gas pipe.
This is the sidewalk after the pipe is buried.  
Some new baby goats in Quiriza.  
We bought some Christmas lights for the Quiriza chapel.  Ernesto
Catacata and Diogenes Martinez put them up on the front of
the chapel.  Diogenes is about 76 years old.  He  didn't hesitate
about climbing the ladder and getting on top of the roof.  
Isabel Martinez and her daughter Liliana help decorate with the
Christmas lights.  Everyone in the town enjoyed seeing the lights. 
This is the open Farmer's Market in Tupiza.  They have it Monday,
Thursday and Saturday.  It is huge and a lot of people come
to buy and sell.  
Another view of the fresh produce part of the market.  They
set up small stores (booths)  along  about 8 blocks.  You
can buy grocery items, cosmetics, clothing, kitchen items,
just about anythings to need.  
Hermana Patty and her two daughters and niece wanted to
learn how to make sugar cookies.  This is the table in our
kitchen.  Hrm. Patty is a pastry chef. She makes beautiful cakes,

eclairs, cookies and doughnuts.
Her girls helps here in her bakery and they did a good job
decorating the sugar cookies.  
Elder Avila, Bilanzich and Bradshaw were fixing the bell at the
Quiriza Chapel.  There are not many LDS church buildings
with a bell, but Quiriza has one.  
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