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#43 Trip to San Vicente

On December 31 (P-Day) the missionaries took a day trip to
San Vicente. This is the town where Butch Cassidy and Sundance
Kid where gunned down and killed. 
We had drivers take us in these Land Cruisers.  It was a 3 hour
trip one way.  We drove on mountain roads.  We were on the
top of the mountains. 
This was our first stop. We are looking to the north. Bolivia
has lots of  rugged, beautiful mountains. 
Another view from the road. This is looking toward the small
town called Chifloca.  This is where Lloyd served about
nine months during his first mission in Bolivia.  The town
is located just around the point of the mountain in the distance. 
Elder Bradshaw is telling some of the Elders about Chifloca. 
This is our group.  Elder Mero, Elder Bradshaw, Hermana Bradshaw,
Elder Mitchell, Avila, Hermanas Coombs, Garcia and Elder Bell. 
These are some homes we passed on the way.  Our driver told us
that miners and their families live here. 

The first place we visited when we arrived at San Vicente was the
Museum.  Lloyd is sitting on the steps.  It was small but we  enjoyed
seeing what was there.  When we got ready to leave.  A man came
to the steps outside and told us we owed 10 bolivianos each for
visiting the Museum.  

This is a photo of Butch Cassidy. 

They had some guns on display.  You could take them off the wall
and handle and look at them.  This is one.  They told us the real
guns of Butch and Sundance would be worth about
2 million dollars if they were found today. 

Everyone had fun taking pictures with the guns.  Even Elder Bradshaw

A famous photo of Butch and Sundance.  This was taken in the United States. 

They also had some hats you could try on. 

A rifle dated back to the outlaws time. Elder Bradshaw is wearing
at hat he bought here in Bolivia.  
A photo of Sundance Kid.  He was a very
handsome man. 
This photo is taken at one end of the Museum.  You can tell
that it is not a large room.   
We all wanted to see where Butch Cassidy was buried.  The gate
to the Cemetery was locked.  So we climbed up a board and
got on top of the wall to get  inside.  This is his grave. There are
lots of stories about who is really buried here.  
In the middle of the cemetery there is an old adobe
arch.  We think is was probably the gate at one time
and they made the cemetery larger. 
Another view of the cemetery.  
Elder Bradshaw and Mitchell had fun talking about these outlaws story.
They decided to act out what people say happened to Sundance and
Butch Cassidy.  
The house where the army found Butch and Sundance is now a
church.  We ate lunch on the tailgate of the Land Cruisers here and

 then it was time to headback to Tupiza.  

This photo was taken from our Land Cruiser.  We are on the top of the
mountains.  You can see the road below that we are traveling on.
Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid rode their horses over these
mountains to get to San Vicente.  It is many miles and rugged country.
Another look at the road.  We had a fun day.  We were tired,
dusty and a little sunburned. 
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