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#41 Christmas Eve in Quiriza

This is the Cathedral rock formation.  It is along the road to Quiriza.
We are going to help cook dinner Christmas Eve with the Branch
 .  This is Adam & Jona Alcazar  and Annalee
and Franz Cano. 
Pauola and Carmen are washing the lettuce for the salad. The dinner
was all prepared out in the field by the church.  It was like
camping out for us.  But this is how these people cook all the time.
right out on the ground.    
Isabel Martinez, Gloria Calle, and Luisa Flores are peeling and
slicing onions for the salad.  
Elder Bradshaw and Elder Mitchell cooked some of the chicken
on the grill at the right.  
Rafael Cano and  Roly Flores are cutting up the chicken. 
Yessica Cano and Mabel Flores are cooking rice in the
frying pan and then they put it in the clay pots to keep warm. 
Yessica putting the rice into a clay pot.  
The pots and pans they use over the open fires. 
The woman cooked bunuelos (scones) for dessert.  They had two
small frying pans over open flames with oil.  They used sticks
to turn the fried bread. 
Rafael Cano and Ernesto Catacata are cooking chicken over some
coals.  All they put on the chicken is  lemon juice and salt.  It is
very tasty.  
Federico Alcazar was cooking a grill full of
chicken too.  
The woman fried a large pan full of bunuelos ( fried scones).  You can see the
dough they mixed up in the large blue tub .  They all sit on the
small wooden stools or right on the ground.  
This is the bunuelos.  They had these and hot chocolate for
dessert after Santa had come and everyone was watching
a video in the Chapel.    
Ernesto Catacata enjoying the Christmas Eve dinner.  We all dished up
and sat around on the ground.  It was good.  And everyone was
having a good time being together on Christmas Eve.   

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